26 December 2005

Tune Forge

Just added a transition matrix based "tune forge" to Chordinator. First few generations produced a few interesting tunes...

Multi host

There's MiniHost, a single VSTi host, there's VSTHost etc.

How about a MultiHost? Something that handles multiple VSTi and chaining of VST effects on that instrument...

Well, it works, but needs more... I got the MIDI input going, and the channel filtering. Now I need to make the UI work so I can try it out with Chordinator...

Then take a large spoon and stir Chordinator and MultiHost together...

(cue the electric storm, flashing lights, evil laughter, and "it is ALIVE!"... well, not yet anywhy)

Delphi 2006 is here...

After reading the posts about it, everything seemed ok. So I ordered it on the Friday, it turned up on the Tue afterwards. Rebuilt Chordinator with it, ok no problems so far. Hmmm... then got strange crashes, odd hangs. So far it's been ASIO causing issues, not sure why.

18 December 2005

'tis the season to be...

Bah! Humbug! Can't stand xmas!

This year is different... something to do with whatever online community I hang out with. Three years ago I met Jonathan; this year I'm getting pressies from unexpected sources.

ImageLine have released FL Studio 6

H G Fortune sent me details of a 'Fortune Cookie' synth - since I bought a few of his VSTi creations.

Oh, and I've got a cold. sniff. me head hurts.

06 December 2005

Editing with the Chordinator

I tried to put one of my songs in Chordinator and immediately hit a problem - it was hard to do as I couldn't see everything at once. So, I'm going to extend the pattern editor to allow multiple tracks and bars.

Delphi 2006

Borland has released Delphi 2006, a Delphi, C++, C# development system (I understand the C++ 'personality' is a pre-release).

I bought Delphi 2005... oh dear, I wish I hadn't. It was unstable, buggy and it's still not fixed, even after three updates. So I've help off buying Delphi 2006 for now (though it has, or will have, C++).

Delphi 7 seems to do everything I want, so I'm staying there. I'm watching in the USENET groups for reviews. I'm hoping Borland release a free version before my discount runs out, but I doubt it.

03 December 2005


Just trying out WindowBlinds... themes for Windows XP. Nice eye candy. A few rough edges here and there.

There's just too many of them...


Those little pieces of software that you can create music with... my VstPlugins directory has at least 270 of 'em. Oh dear!

Some of the free ones made with SynthEdit are pretty good!