15 August 2006

The Quest

"Ok, we're nearly there", whispered Luke.
"Are you sure?", said Simon.
"I mean... is this the right place and all?"
"C'mon, we've been searching for days!"
Luke and Simon ducked into the room. Above the door the words, "The Oracle" were engraved on a brass plaque.
"WELCOME STRANGER", a deep voice intoned.
"Go on, ask it!"
"Oh... OK. Hey dude have you seen my car?"
"Have you seen my car?"
Long pause...
"Luke... why did you take your shirt off?"
"I dunno... seemed like the right thing to do..."

Doing a tech demo

I need to add the "fire" particle generator inside the fireplace to complete this one... I recently bought a copy of Dark Basic Pro along with Dark Physics. Kinda strange wandering around a room and making boxes fly around...