22 November 2008

Tabatha, RIP

On Friday 21st Nov, the vet put Tabatha, my cat, to sleep.

She'd not been well for some time. She'd lost weight, and was very thirsty all the time. Then she stopped eating and could barely stand. I was at work, 100 miles away, so I couldn't be there. My dad watched as she passed away.

I collected her from the Cat Protection League around 1999. She was at least five years old then, possibly older. She was small, affectionate and just liked being around people. My parents fell in love with her instantly. When I changed jobs, I left her with my parents - I couldn't see how it could work as I lived in a flat during the week and my house at weekends.

Goodbye Tabatha, I shall miss you.

18 November 2008

Spore patch 3

With the latest Spore patch, they've released new limbs for creatures: